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Grandmother Was A Yo Yo

Friday, May 21, 2010

This was definitely one of my "I Hope I'll Do This" purchases.

Discovered at an estate sale in Maryland and simply just too beautiful and too reasonably priced to pass up.

And I truly *did* mean to finish this quilt as an homage to the lady who had begun the classic Grandmothers Flower Garden yoyo quilt, all these years ago.

It was most definitely a 1960's find ~ Perry Como and Bobby Vinton and Leslie Gore 45's, all too warped to play. A sad, rusty metal Slinky (sans box) ... and darn it, and I really hoped it would still slink. Alas.

and then there were *these*.
These stopped me in my tracks. Perfect!

And they really are *perfect*! I must have about 200 of the blocks, in various states of done-ness. For the colors, think : Crayola Crayons, 8-Box.

All the pleasures of making a yoyo quilt and none of the hassle. AND! they were vintage.

Like candy. Little cotton candies. I have posted the listings already in case I were to weaken whilst writing the blog. You see, I know myself very, very well.

Yep. I, indeed, had grand plans. 


But today I admitted, finally, that this beautiful Grandmother's Flower Garden yo-yo quilt which was begun in the 1960's will not be finished in the 2010's, if it's left up to me. 

Someone really should enjoy these. So ... on they go. You'll find the blocks in my online shops, here and here.


ModredVintage said...

Oh, I'm sorry the slinky didn't slink. Estate sales are fun, you never know what you'll find.

May 22, 2010 at 8:34 AM
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