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Friday, April 16, 2010

I've missed creating and listing these. Once upon a time, many many many were listed in my online shop but, when I moved to New Jersey, my antique and vintage listings took over my life and these fell by the wayside. 

I love the look of a beautiful handkerchief. Men's or Ladies', no matter. My mom always carried a beautiful frou-frou hanky ... and buying her a new one was always my go-to gift for Mother's Day, Christmas and her birthday. She used each and every one of them, too.

For me, though, I want and more pizazz and these do it just right for me. Perfect size, perfect softness, perfect utility. Yep. I'm going to bring these back, I think. They'll be in my Zibbet shop. I think they'll work out nicely there.


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