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Monday, April 08, 2013

Yes, I am really going to try this again. I'll be starting off very slowly as I can see [now that it's too late since I've already begun] Google has changed everything about blogging I thought I knew.

So here we go ... a bright button newly created and two beautiful ArtFire Collections from ChristieCottage and then a lovely Spring Collection from VanillaExtinction.

Olympic Cheeeeeeer!

Friday, July 06, 2012

1960 Winter Olympics USSR Trading Pin

THE LONDON SUMMER OLYMPICS begin on July 27th! I'm always psyched for the Olympics: Winter *and* Summer.

And no, I'm not that athletically inclined. If I were invited to attend and participate in the Olympics it would be The 10 Foot (Couch to Television) Frantic Cheering and Hollering. And I'd stand tall and proud ... okay, maybe not so tall, but definitely proudly ... on that top podium and receive what I imagine will be a gorgeous Gold Medal very proudly.

And, yes, I'm very patriotic ~ I *love* when U.S. athletes do us all proud. But, in all honesty? It is the enthusiasm, the youth, the pride, the effort, the background stories, the triumph of spirit, and accomplishments both little and large of each and every one of the athletes.

When we watch the Olympics, we see one minute, one jump, one leap, one effort, one performance ~ but what we don't see are the years and years of effort and time and dedication that have been spent for that one single moment ~ and spent, not just by the athlete, but also by their families, coaches, friends, and communities.

There are 205 countries participating in 302 events in 26 sports for the 2012 London, England Olympics. 205 countries!! I'd love to see a gathering of all the flags (I love flags) and I am sooooooo looking forward to the Opening Ceremonies on July 27th!

See you there!

Hearth and Home ~ Carl Larsson

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I remember when I saw Carl Larsson’s work for the first time ~ A freshman in college, 1971, and my roomie (and childhood and life-long friend) Janet, gave me a gorgeous birthday card. I still have that card, 40 birthdays later.

She and I had great fun as roommates ~ The summer before our freshman year, we made matching gingham patchwork quilts for our room, I made matching curtains for the windows, and she made huge, girlie gingham pillows for floor flopping.

We were … in Heaven.

Janet was/is an artist ~ Many was the long night I helped her memorize the seeming thousands of artists/dates/works of art for her Art History finals (“Madonna With the Long Neck”, 1535-40, Parmigianino … By the time we were finished cramming, I think English Lit Major me would’ve aced the final, too.)

But it is Carl Larsson's lovely art to which she introduced me 
that one May morning which has stuck with me these 40 birthdays and kept my love of Larsson very much alive.

Perfect, endless summer days. A beautify, happy gathering of family and friends warmly enfolding me.

I have some beautiful Larsson prints and lithographs in my shop now ... and I add to my collection with every opportunity!

Here are some of my favorites ~ Enjoy!

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