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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brederstraede Bag St. Peders Kirke

 'Denmark's Market Towns ... a folio edition of Kristian Kongstad's work ~ over 200 wonderfully detailed and timeless engravings.

I'll have to look up these little towns as I list them. The streets are charming and the architecture is as if from an Hans Christian Andersen faerie tale. I suppose it's fitting, as Andersen is also Danish.

There are times I wish these were in color, but I think perhaps the black & white-ness of the engravings lends an air of antiquity to them. They are really quite timeless.

As for the artist himself? I've been unable to find anything of detail about Kristian Kongstad other than the dates of his birth and death, 1867 and 1929, and that there are 19 works in 26 publications in 2 languages and 90 library holdings attributed to him. 

Must. Discover. More.


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