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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mother Goose.

Her name is almost synonymous with childhood. I've read all the background history on where 'Ring Around The Rosie' realllllly came from, along with all the other theories.

But, you know? After reading the timeless rhymes about a bajillion times during bedtime rituals for countless baby-sitting clients & then for my own two daughters, none of the medieval origins, none of the political intrigue backgrounds which some give to the rhymes *matters*.

These sweet, simple little poems are forever linked, at least for me, with childhood innocence, that perfect idyll of toddlerhood, the binding tie of parental love.

And Blanche Fisher Wright, to my mind, has perfectly illustrated that innocence. From her first illustrations of the classic nursery poems in 1916 to the most recent edition of The Real Mother Goose, it is Ms. Wright's illustrations I see in my mind's eye when the topic comes round to nursery rhymes, childhood and Mother Goose.

The illustrations here are indeed by Blanche
Fisher Wright ... THE Real Mother Goose as far as I'm concerned. All these illustrations are from a 1918 edition of a classic rhymes book & can be found here, in my Etsy shop.


Doktor said...

Hi, I stumbled on this article searching biography data of Blanche Fisher Wright and I can't the reason why Mother Goose belongs to PD. On Wikipedia is not clear if PD stands only for USA or for other countries too... Do you have some useful information about Blanche Fisher Wright? Thanks for your kindness:)

July 29, 2011 at 6:18 AM
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