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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love playing around with the Etsy Poster Sketch.

I've never thought I am particularly good at composing a treasury ... I do love them and, with so many beautiful things in my Favorites the composing is very tempting; but putting the individual elements together cohesively to create a Treasury is definitely an Art and, hey! I just don't think I have that ability ...:::sighs:::...

But I do like to play around with the Etsy Poster Sketch & create pretty groupings. So, even if I never manage to snag a Treasury,
Main or West (let alone make it to the Etsy Front Page), I can (and will!) post them here. Treasury PetitPoulailler.

Well actually ... I *do* hold the distinction of having created the first Treasury in the Treasury West to make it from there to the Front Page. The theme was '99 Red Balloons' and it was quite pretty. I think I still have a pic of it ... I'll have to dig and post it here.

So ... tomorrow, with a little luck and if I can remember, I'll try again with this pretty new grouping for the Etsy Treasury.

By the way, the Goldfinch by NatureAndArt was my initial listing for this Treasury. Our bird feeder has been simply all a-flutter with finches of late ... They're all beautiful but yes, the golden ones catch my breath, each and every time.

Now, if only someone will please remind me to snag a Treasury tomorrow!


S and O productions said...

Well I liked your Treasury! :) I love it when people combine art with ordinary items, I think the art helps enhance the beauty of everything else...and I was honored to be a part of your latest Treasury!

July 20, 2009 at 12:08 PM
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