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Sunday, July 12, 2009

More plates today from Susan Beatrice Pearse. These are the last 4 from the small book, The Magic Fishbone.

This one, the first I'm showing here, is one of my newest favorites.

And yes, what you have heard about me is quite true ... I tend to shift favorites easily. New favorites taking the place (albeit only fleetingly) of favorites long standing.

Still ... how can you *not* like an illustration titled, 'The Dance of the Eighteen Cooks'? That's simply too perfect.

The children here are just wonderful. The colors, perfect.

It's odd but I do not remember reading this story when I was a kid and, believe me, I consumed every book placed in front of me. And I thought I knew all of Dickens from my college years.

This one, though ... The Magic Fishbone ... this one is definitely new for me. Which is more encouraging than anything else. There are still stories out there yet to be discovered. Stories with which I am unfamiliar. And *that* means there is artwork I've yet to discover. New loves to momentarily take that top spot on my Favorites List.

My mother was a great one to suss out little known books with wonderful illustrations. She was
partial to Jessie Wilcox Smith & I remember countless small volumes with her wonderful art. I have dozens of JWS illustrations to show you, some fairly well known, other I hope will be new for you.

She, my mother, was a natural artist. No training, no early encouragement from home or school ... she had a natural, unerring eye for color & composition. And, sadly, absolutely no belief in her own talent. When I'd visit, I'd find the odd sketch book with a photograph or two inside & small
studies in mid-completion. I always hesitated to comment ~ I wish I would have now. I never did find any of those studies completed amongst my mother's things. I don't like to think of her having simply ... discarded them.

As to any 'talent' I possess? Well, the sad & definite Truth of the situation is that I must honestly admit ... I have no talent. Mom passed on her artist abilities to the youngest of my older brothers. And he was far too impatient to take the time to shepherd that talent along.

And it's always been fairly frustrating for me ~ I would have been drawing all the time, if only I could. As it was and really, as it still is, I have the eye & the appreciation ... but none of the talent.

So this, I suppose, is the gift she gave to me ~ an appreciation, a love & enjoyment of Art. And that, really, is not small thing. I am quite content with loving these things.

So, from me, I'll share with you here my artistic
discoveries & new loves, as well as my favorites. I hope you'll enjoy.


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