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Friday, July 10, 2009

I love children's literature illustrations.

Even if I am unfamiliar with the work being illustrated, I simply. adore. them.

If I can find the original or early edition ... ah, I'm in heaven. That slight tanning along the margins; the papers, softened by so many years & so many little hands, turning the pages.

And so, I start: a Show & Tell of Children's Literature Illustrations.

Some I *will* list for sale in my Vintage/Antique Shop, Le Petit Poulailler. But some ... no, I won't. Just can't. Or, at least, I cannot list then ... yet. Perhaps someday I will; but some, for now, are kept for my pleasure.

Today's Show andTell?

2 beautiful illustrations from the 1911 edition of Charles Dickens wonderful 1868 story, The Magic Fishbone; A Holiday Romance From The Pen
of Miss Alice Rainbird Aged 7

Dickens tells the story of Princess Alicia, oldest of 19 (!) children, who is given a 'magic fishbone' by the Fairy Grandmarina.

Through many household adventures, Princess Alicia keeps her head & solves problems herself, rather than wishing on the magic fishbone (though those around her press her to use it).

Only when she & her father have tried their best to solve their problems does she wish on the magic fishbone, leading to a delightfuly dramatic & unlikely conclusion.

These beautiful illustrations from the 1911 edition are by S(usan) Beatrice Pearse (1878-1980). You'll find one of them here in my shop.



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