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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My den of iniquity :o)
If I *had* to choose between  ~
1. never antiquing again, or
2. never sewing again
...  well, you'd soon find me sitting in a completely paralyzed puddle of sad, real tears unable to make such a cruel, cruel decision.

And I've always been one of *those* quilters whose philosophy was, "The more fabric, the better." The studio closet photo will bear out my deeply held belief. ...:::sighs:::... isn't that simply THE most beauteous thing you've ever seen in your whole entire complete life?!
"Laundry Birds"

But lately ... no, actually for quite a while now, I've been on a concerted "Do Not Buy Fabric!" moratorium and have been holding fast to that brave promise.

And then PippiJoe walks into my life and my pitiful promises go right out the nearest window!

LOOK at this fabric! (*Insert another big, mushy, soulful 'sigh' here*) Have you ever seen a more beautiful, more versatile fabric?!!  Nature, domesticity, geometric, sweetness, birds, fun, miniature, novelty, black/white, musical ... this fabric has everything going for it!

I spied my first PippiJoe fabric when her 'Laundry Birds' was included in an Etsy Front Page treasury. One quick click over to Caitlin's shop and I had a brand new favorite!

"Nests", Limited Edition
The PippiJoe shop and studio are located in Melbourne, Australia, where Caitlin's fabric creations are designed and hand-screen printed. A landscape architect who is "passionate about design, craft and textiles", Catlin creates fabrics with that wonderful 'fresh from the garden' look. And! the fabric drape, ahhhhh! these beautiful fabrics look so very delicious!

I think we should all go immediately and buy a yard or three of PippiJoe's 'Laundry Birds' and begin new quilts! ;)


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