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Thursday, August 05, 2010

HUGE wall decals seem to be all the rage right now ... For me, I think I'm going to stay away from them.

Now, I am a great wall paperererer. *Really* great. Sincerely. And I've tackled just about every type of wall papering project possible.

Cathedral ceilings and walls curving into ceilings. Stretchy vinyl (yuk) and the good you-put-on-the-paste papers. The easy pre-pasted and the paper you have to trim first. I've papered curved walls and postage stamp powder rooms. And doll houses with real pain in the butt tissue thin paper-paper. Paper with stripes, with 3 foot repeats, with 3 inch offsets. I've papered ceilings by themselves.

There is no papering project that frightens me or that I wouldn't tackle. As long as I have the right equipment and the proper ladders ... and as long as I am doing the project by myself.

That last part is very important. If you are able to wall paper even one little cracker box room with perfect walls only, and with the one you love ... and *continue* in love after the papering project has ended (successfully or not) ... you are a far better person than am I.

Painting, you ask? ugh. I hate painting, I'm not sure if I hate it because I'm a terrible painter (which I openly admit) or if I'm a terrible painter because I hate painting ... but, there it is: I don't like painting.

Now comes: Room decals. They are everywhere. Large palm trees, cherry trees, kids on swings, peacocks, chickens (ok, those *did* catch my eye).  But, no no no: I will not be tempted. No. I have the definite feeling that, one way or another, should I decide to try a wall decal (which is unlikely), I'd end up with a huge ball of tangled plastic for my $$ and effort.

Yep, a complete waste of money for me. I have no doubt.

But now *these* decals! How cute are *these*??! These are cute. And do-able. Small room, geeky decor, kid-room friendly, Karen-project friendly ... yeah, I think these are as cute as can be. These playful stickers were created by illustrator Ziemowit Maj and, once again, I found via the wonderful peeps at Freshome.com ~ just a wonderfully clean, bright, innovative site.

xo Karen

7 Playful Stickers for Creative Light Switches

You'll find Freshome.com here.


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