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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

ArtFire is presenting their take on what has been Etsy's best promotional feature, the Treasuries (imho).

I'll have to look more closely ... I've only just now found the ArtFire new feature as I received a notice this morning from AF that one of my items is being featured.

I'll be the first to admit that I *adore* treasuries and now collections. But that adoration is only when there is a clear sense of real 'meaning' behind the grouping; something inspiring the collection ... and not simply some sort of homogenized promotional back-scratching exercise between sellers. 

I'm not justified to have an opinion about it, I suppose, as I no longer create Treasuries and probably never will make Collections, either.

And, although one of the very few Etsy Treasuries I created *does* hold the distinction of being the first treasury from the (then) new Treasury West to hit the E front page (99 Red Balloons) back in August 2008, I stink at making them.

I'm sort of a one-hit-Treasury-wonder.

I'm unsure if it's the time involved in their creation or the harmonious aspects necessary ... there is just a sort of *miss* on my part. Perhaps I'm too hard on myself and mine really aren't that bad.  ... nah ... they're usually quite bad.

But I'm a great admirer of those whose Treasuries (and now Collections) hit the mark. Curating most definitely *is* an Art.

Since February of 2008, I've taken a screen shot of every Etsy Treasury I'm been fortunate enough to find one of my items. For Le Petit Poulailler, those Treasuries number 1273. More than many can say, far fewer than those of other sellers. They've all been beautiful and I love each and every one of them.

I wish Etsy didn't openly disrespect that art through their endless nauseating repetition of the same items/same colors/same curators/same sellers. And I hope that AF takes a quick lesson from E in "How To Effectively Alienate 99% Of Your Customers".

I'm just now re-reading ... I didn't mean for this post to sound negative. It seems that anything dealing with E leaves me tired, discouraged and just plain negative of late.

But here now is ArtFire and their Collections and the promise begins in me anew. I truly am thrilled to be a part of VeryBigJen's gorgeous ArtFire Collection and now have renewed interest in browsing through the shops there.  

xo Karen


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