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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

This is a beautiful piece of furniture.

If you have a baby or grandbaby on the way, this would be a splendid gift for the Mom-to-be. … or the Grand-mom, for all that serious grandmother-ing you'll soon to be doing!

The “rocker-cradle-chair” is from woodworker and designer, Scott Morrison and is absolutely ingenious, in my estimation, in combining all the necessities and functions of a rocking chair, a cradle, and the task at hand: putting the baby to bed.

Oh, sure, there were nights when the process seemed overly long, but those occasions were mostly due to me being overly tired. I’d’ve loved to have had this beautiful chair ~ a place for the quiet time, the unwinding, the peace that comes with a quiet ending to the day.

You can find Scott in Montana and you can order his chair here.

xo Karen


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