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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grizzly and cool. Fred Flintstone's bachelor pad. I don't know how else to describe this furniture. Futuristic, cave-dwelling, fantastical, prehistoric. How the well-to-do in Bedrock decorated. All terms apply. But ... "cool" works best for me.

The difficulty about this sort of style ~ you can't do it only a little bit, can you? I mean, a pretty French chaise there by the window, perhaps a nice minimal Ikea dining set with upholstered covers and then ... one of these pieces? It must be complete. Start to finish. You have to "own" this style. Commit to it.

And what sort of house? Tudor? Half Cape? lol A split level? 

I think furniture like this would affect your outlook, your personality, your very demeanor. I cannot feature Jane Austen lounging here. And you wouldn't find Tim Gunn, either. Well, maybe you would and we just haven't found out about that side of dear Tim yet ... but I am kinda doubting it. Lady GaGa? yes. definitely. But I believe she'd only be using them for their theater effect.

Imagine being invited to dinner and walking in to these. I really wouldn't know how to act. I wonder if my inner-Ayla from Clan of the Cave Bear would emerge? Okay, I'm going to stop right now thinking about that.

Now, would I like to own any of these pieces? Oh yes, without doubt. They'd be a tad difficult to explain to the Bridge Club, though, eh?

All these fantastical creations are by Michel Hilliard and can be found at his salon here.

And, of course, as per usual, it's the good people of Freshome who ferret out the really cool stuff.


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