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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have you ever tried to put the 'easily assembled' modular furniture or shelves together yourself? Do you have any hair left after the pulling ended?

I've taken the plunge with hammer and screw driver and 20 pages of instructions twice. The first time was with a  Ikea peanut shaped table ~ it was my sewing table for the longest time and now serves as my computer desk. I do recommend a table-type project for a first timer. It's relatively simple, straightforward, and the parts are obviously at a minimum. The discount for picking it up myself at the Ikea warehouse, boxed and ready for me to assemble was waaaaay worth the few expletives that might have passed my lips during the learning process.

The second project was far more daring and dangerous ... and time consuming! The table had made me quite brave and I purchased composite wood shelving "kits" at Home Depot. Yep: very brave, indeed.

I'm sure you've seen these kits ~ they come pre-packaged in units ~ you measure where the shelving units will go, pick out which types of kits you want, unpack and account for all the parts ... and then cry.

I had always wanted to use the wide, narrow closet for my fabric stash. This is in the extra bedroom (once occupied by my eldest) that then served as my sewing/craft room. 

I did the exact measuring. And then I measured again (having remembered my dear father and the Measure Twice, Cut Once adage).  And off to Home Depot I went to purchase the different kits. And, if you have never done these projects, let me tell you that the composite wood that's used weighs A TON! Getting it all into the house was 9/10ths the work.

But I did it. It took a full weekend and I only had to undo things once before I got it right. I was quite proud :)  And I think I lost 10 pounds in the process. The photo here only shows half the closet. Finally! enough room! 

Well, I spied these next photos on my favorite home site, Fresh Home, and had to laugh.  These are photos put together by a German advertising agency to promote the much-needed, underused, (and more than a little expensive) IKEA Assembly Service. 

These represent my assemblage nightmare! I think they're delightful!

xo Karen
You can find FreshHome here!


Joseph Lupoli said...

Ha! To me, those assemble-it-yourself shelves and bookcase instructions might as well be written in Swahili.

Groucho would say something like: "Why a four-year-old can understand these assembly instructions. Now run out and fetch me a four-year-old!"

August 13, 2010 at 6:58 AM
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