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Monday, July 05, 2010

Susan is an artist of simply great style.

And that style? ... classic, friendly, elegant, familiar ... all simultaneously. And this is no small feat to successfully pull off. 
But ... there it is: Susan pulls it off. I have no idea how she does it and, believe me, I have tried to figure out how.

Check out her lovely shop, Middleburg, and you'll see what I mean ~ filled to brimming with really quite fabulous creations.

Yeah, so okay. I'm still jealous. And I am not embarrassed at all to admit it.

And, as if Susan knew of that weakness (my jealousy) and generously sought to sooth my bitter, bitter soul, Susan has been kind enough to include one of my papers (Seba's crabbies) in her gorgeous treasury.

And that was a lovely thing for her to do but, alas, I find that I am still quite jealous.

But. The flattery did help :)


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