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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Look at this lovely Treasury! The wonderful Sara of ananemone was kind enough to use my pretty Flow Blue bowl as a cornerstone for her gooooorgeous collection.

Truth be told, blue has never been my favorite color and actually my most very favorite color, that is until it was been absolutely ruined for me by forces which shall go unnamed, 'orange' was my preferred color (see my numerous rantings on this blog my mad love for Burnt Sienna). And, of course, through it all, deep, deep forest green has  always been my love.  

But blue? nawww ... really never. Too ... cool. Too cold. That has to be it. It's not a warm color. I'm a Taurus and, although I'm not too up on horoscope-ie stuff, I do know that Taureans are earth-bound creatures and greens are the preferred color. 

So it always strikes me surprisingly that I love these blue collections as much as I do.  Sara's put together a gorgeous one here. I have other Flow Blue that I should be working on ~ photographing and researching to list for, yes, I have much more F.B. 

(I should do a series on the problems of procrastination. Someday.)

I won't list them on E, though, which is a shame. I like that Etsy listings can be included in Treasuries. Seeing the pretty things from one's shop teased out and included in wonderful combination with pretty things from other shops ... when done honestly and well (I don't have the Curating Gene) it's a lovely way to promote. 

And it's too bad ArtFire and Zibbet don't have such promotional opportunities. Perhaps I should make that suggestion, eh?

Thanks, Sara! xo


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