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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caribbean blues. So beautiful! I adore those lovely teals, sun washed and eye-squinting bright.

For all my traveling, and I've traveled a lot, I've never been to the Caribbean. I should remedy that, shouldn't I?  I wonder if I should talk withe the Man about this. Perhaps a few well-placed travel brochures might give him the idea (like *right* under his nose). All in all, however, it is most like just as well I enjoy the Caribbean sun in those , though. My three stages of tanning have always been Burn, Blister, Peel. Ah, me.

So receiving a 'Something Sunny' morning note from dear Colleen, a kind soul, an artist I deeply admire, and the talent behind the fantastical art dolls of LoopyBoopy ~ was just the sort of pick-me-up brightness I needed on this stormy, humid June day.

Thank you! xo


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