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Friday, June 11, 2010

This treasury was totally unexpected. I love houndstooth and I've no idea why I thought I was alone in this love.

I had a skirt in high school ... it was sooooo beautiful. Chocolate brown and black houndstooth. And I got it in Paris. I was lucky enough to have gone overseas in 1969 (my brother was stationed in what was then West Germany) and was in France for a good 2 weeks and Paris for 3 days. 

But I was only 16 ... no great passionate love affairs, no late night rendezvous. 16. But I had a marvelous time ~ and quite honestly, the best part of my time in Paris was the shopping time. And that would be about 85% of the time.

I should list that skirt in one of my stores. It really was to die for and I know it would not fit now. hahahaha I'm imagining trying to slip into it. ah well.  

Yes, time to list it in one of my shops!

And, in the meantime, the lovely and wonderfully talented proprietress of LichenStudio on Etsy has put together a lovely houndstooth treasury xo



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