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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I'm an Illinois girl who's found herself on the Jersey Shore, about a mile away from the beach. It's just a bit too far, really, for me to walk in the mornings, but guilt sets in every time I use the car to get there.

The boardwalk in Ocean Grove is beautifully wide and in wonderful repair ~ it's a pleasure to take my morning walks there. Add to that there are no boardwalk shops (they're about 2-3 block away, up in the little village) and it's really a perfect and wonderfully quiet spot and honestly, most days I have completely to myself.

Plus! A great coffee shop up on the corner up by the shops (that I wish would open about an hour earlier ... but then, that would probably be just too perfect).

This was a long way to my subject today (I like to wander):  A cool Treasury East curated by a fellow Illini, Emily at Artful Vintage. Not only was she kind enough to include me in her beach-ie goodness collection, she succeeded in planting a great song in my foo' head that will last the entire day. Thank you, Emily! xo


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