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Monday, May 03, 2010

Coming originally from Illinois, I confess great love for *everything* about the beach. Most any beach.

Our home here in New Jersey is about a mile away from the beach at Ocean Grove ...  it may be perhaps a bit more: it's too far a walk by myself in the morning or the late evening but, as the drive is so short, I end up feeling guilty for having taken the car.

The Man doesn't usually go with me ~ he's from here originally, never more than 1 mile from the beach and completely takes it all for granted.

That's the way of it, isn't it? Well, I still love the beach in every way (coming up on a full two years here) and quite like the solitary feel of my early morning walks there. There's a lovely, wide, well-kept boardwalk but absolutely no shops or arcades along the entire stretch where I wander.

Often times, I'll have the entire walk to myself and that solitary walk sometimes can be more than a bit disconcerting ~ to suddenly become aware of that 'alone-ness'. I'll begin to feel like Tom Hanks from Castaway and start looking around for FedEx packages and my own Wilson.

Anyway, this morning was lovely (as per usual), even though the morning broke dreary and gray and the line between ocean and sky was imperceptible until it was full morning.

As an aside, Etsy has a new Treasury feature now ... 'Treasury East' it's called ... the format is broader and more open than the original Main Treasury and Treasury West. And, actually, much more to my liking. I think, actually, TE may be a bit brighter but, then again, that may be due to the openness of its format.

And here is my first. A completely different formula in these 16 listings than I'm used to with the old 12 + hidden 4. But, yes. I've decided I do like the T-East better.

The color scheme is from my memory of the morning's walk and all listings are from my Favorites.


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