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Monday, April 26, 2010

Books were veeeeeery important to me when I was young. I'd inherited all my mothers books, all the books which had been my two brothers ... I loved them all. I used to think, holding a closed book in my hand, how very wonderful it was, even magical, that the entire world of those characters was there, inside, waiting only for me to open the book and read and the light switch would turn on and they'd all come alive again.

Yep. Hi, My Name Is 'Karen' and I'm Book Nerd. Oh, yes; from the very beginning. 

I still am. I have so many books, it's a bit embarrassing. I'm thinking of loading up the car and getting a new job as the local BookMobile driver. Remember the BookMobile?

Anyway. I know that there are many wonderful book nerds lovers out there, just like me. And I know that there are little ones, already entranced with the written word and whose love of books and reading should be encouraged at every opportunity.

And I'm going to reward those little bookish munchkins. Yes, I am. Something new from me to them. Their own bookplates. To proudly claim that book as theirs. The love of books and reading cannot come too soon.

These will be coming soon to my shops. Aren't they beautiful?


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