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Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'm still finding my way about in my new home town ~ a nice way of saying I still get lost. A LOT. I've only been here now ... what? 8 months. That still qualifies me as 'new in town', doesn't it? Yes, thank you. I knew you'd agree with me :o)

This morning was one of those days ... to tell the truth, I purposely set about getting lost. Truly! It was lovely, bright & warm
this morning & after the 14 inches of snow this past week & then seeing it all melt away in a rush yesterday afternoon & last night, the idea of driving around for a bit on a Saturday morning appealed to me. Windows down, even. Ah, I am so, SO hungry for spring!

As luck would have it (and sometimes I *am* very lucky, you know!), I came upon a church bazaar in what I thought was a little town far far away from my home. Turns out, I was only about 3 miles from the house. As the crow flies, that is. But 'as Karen drives & gets lost', however, I was about 35 miles away.

I'm always interested in
the china & the books offered at tag & yard sales. No china that I could see but I was more than a little bit thrilled to see two tables set up & dedicated to books! The ratio of truly *good* books to the total books offered always increases at a church sale. I suppose people are more particular what they'll donate for sale to a church so you really see far less of the pulp fiction paperbacks at church sales.

But what I was really hoping for & interested in were the children's books from the Sunday school section ~ I wasn't disappointed. Beautiful books ~ I ended up making 2 separate trips to my car with wonderful finds.

Two in particular I'm very thrilled with ~
The Peter Patter Book from 1918 with wonderful illustrations by Blanche Fisher Wright. You may know her as the illustrator to the original The Real Mother Goose, which is required reading for every child, aged one to four (or 55, for that matter).

And the other is about chickens!! Huzzah!!
The Little Small Red Hen
, 1914. Chickens!! I get positively goofy when it comes to chickens. Someday I'll have to tell the story why that is. It's a cautionary tale of intrigue, love lost, adventure & tragedy.

Suffice it for now to say my morning was very fun, the afternoon now sees the snow completely gone but for some lone shoveled heaps.

You'll be finding pages from my new-found treasures soon for sale in the shop!


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