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Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've always loved maps & I've proudly proclaimed my sentiment in some of my map-listings in my Etsy shop, PetitPoulailler.

There is a promise to a map; a beginning yet to be taken ~ a 'what if?'

I chatted with a customer in Canada last night who had just purchased a couple of my maps & was looking for specific city maps ~ for places where she had lived, places she loves. It was with that conversation, I came to realize ...

... maps are beloved by many ~ not just for their beauty or for their 'promise', as I have just written, but for their visual reminder, as well - for their touchstone, talisman quality - that reminder of time & people & places loved, cherished ... and missed.

Some of the images I am including here are maps that I currently show in my shop. Some are favorites, long sold & now missed. At any time a customer may search in my listings with 'map' & be guaranteed to be presented with a list of 10-20 maps ~ vintage & antique, as well as some newer. They are all beautiful.

I never tire of looking at them. Every atlas I'd keep on the coffee table, close at hand to casually thumb through with a morning tea.

And when I see a home with maps beautifully matted & framed & hanging in a room enjoyed by family & friends ~ I know this is a home where memories are kept & dreams welcomed.


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