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Monday, August 30, 2010

From Google's own interesting and always helpful blog, here are their 50 fantastic tips for us new and/or beginning bloggers.

If you haven't subscribed to Google's blog, you really might want to consider doing so. It's delivered every day, without fail, always well written, always helpful, each and every day.

As a matter of fact, I think I shall print out this entire list and tape it to my monitor. Especially, No. 48 ~ that one I just may staple to my forehead.

xo Karen

Blogging Tips for Beginners
  1. Blogs must be an given attractive title to catch the attention of the reader.
  2. Choose a topic that you like and that you know.
  3. Every post that you write for the blog must be different.
  4. Writing for a blog must be a passion and not written out of force.
  5. The main concept that you are trying to talk about must be put in the first paragraph. And the following paragraphs must have the details.
  6. Background information may be added in the last paragraph.
  7. Content that is really useful and helpful will be shared by others.
  8. Content is King.
  9. Blog must have at least a minimum of one post every day. ( ... okay, I don't agree with this ~ K.)
  10. Use micro-blogging services, such as Twitter, to socialise, meet new people and to share your blog posts.
  11. Target your attention on your audience and write content to them.
  12. Inappropriate links must not be given.
  13. Don't just ask for linking permission: ask and be granted before using links.
  14. Commercial resources or sites must not be linked to.
  15. Get involved with those people who comment on your site to create good will among your other visitors.
  16. Write short and break up the content with bullet points and headers.
  17. Convey the message in an informal and friendly style.
  18. Get response from your readers.
  19. It is unnecessary to reply to each of the comments.
  20. The message that you pass to readers must be described and not just told.
  21. It is better not to mention anything negative about something you dont like.
  22. Specific places, names, contact details, or addresses must not be mentioned.
  23. One traffic source alone must not be relied upon.
  24. High bounce rate must not be worried about - At All.
  25. Forums cannot be launched by just having very few readers in hand.
  26. Spend a lot of time on social networking sites. (...I don't agree with this, either ~K.)
  27. Comments that say ‘hi’ and that which say that they are glad to read the post are often created by spammers.
  28. Comments that say that they were in search of such a kind of content and cheering you to "keep up the good work" ...yep, spam again.
  29. Comments that are totally unrelated ... spam spam spam.
  30. Comments that praise the blog post too much get pushed to spam queue. Unless it's your mother. 
  31. Comments that talk about a different subject and not concluded properly  ... spamity spam.
  32. Your blog can be made better by renaming it.
  33. Blog name can be easily coined if you have already decided about the subject matter you are going to write for.
  34. The domain name must contain short keywords and that are not completely generic. Blog name must be concise.
  35. Try to buy a domain name of your own.
  36. Choose a decent memorable name for your blog.
  37. Choose a blog name that does not resemble the name of a competitor’s blog.
  38. Blog names easily mis-spelled must be avoided. (...:::sighs:::... ~ K.)
  39. Find your writing style and stick on to it.
  40. Plan well before going in for the content.
  41. Blog titles should gain the attention of the readers.
  42. Along with blog content, also talk about yourself.
  43. Write enthusiastically.
  44. Recheck and edit your blog title, heading, content, add an image, check for the grammatical errors to make it stand apart from the rest.
  45. Leave a few topics here and there so that your readers can comment on it.
  46. Content must not be loaded with keywords.
  47. Follow some SEO techniques if you are not getting any results.
  48. Comment on other blog sites.
  49. Too many ads on a blog is not a good idea.
  50. Interact in blogging forums.
Find Google's Blog here.


PoetessWug said...

Examples, Google!! I need examples!! I don't know if I'm doing anything at all right, but I'm enjoying my blog! Doesn't that count for something?!!! ^_^

August 30, 2010 at 8:17 AM
PetitPoulailler said...

you know, all the hints & tricks & suggestions & 'have to's really don't mean a thing if you're not having fun.
If you're having fun already? ... you got it made. Don't worry about the rest! xo

August 30, 2010 at 8:26 AM
LeeAnne said...

I agree #48 important!!

August 30, 2010 at 4:19 PM
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