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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

From Dawn, the wonderfully dear shopkeeper over at LostSentiments, comes a lace-filled collection of sentimental beauty.

My grandmother was very much into lace ~ she was a delightful Victorian lady with a ... how shall I say this ... with a "progressive" set of personal beliefs.

She tatted her own lace, was an avid quilter (and taught me!), was a rabid baseball fan (I have a dozen of her 'baseball quilts' ... she would do her hand-piecing whilst listening to St. Louis Cardinal games on KMOX radio during the summer and then hand-quilt them during the winter).

My grandmother was a hard-nosed card-playing church-going chain-smoking (Picayunes) tee-totalling beautiful woman, possessed of infinite patience and an absolutely wicked sense of humor.

She would have loved this Arthur Rackham card and she would have loved this Treasury. 

Thank you, Dawn! xo


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