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Friday, July 02, 2010

Summer has been here in full force this past week. Man. Upper 90's by noon, awful high humidity, horrible air quality, afternoon cloudbursts to finally clear the air and make it even more steamy ... as if that were possible.

And we're only just now coming into the horrid hot month of July. ...:::sighs:::... I am such a little flower.  I absolutely wilt in Summer and blossom in Winter.

But then I found myself in the first full-blown Summertime Treasury of the season yesterday: "How Summer Thinks About Itself", a lovely Treasury from Lucy Ransom. Lovely!

Take one look at Lucy's shop and you'll see the woman knows how to put her colors together. Fearless combinations of bold clear colors ~ perfectly combined.

The Lucy's Treasury choices are perfectly on point for her theme, too ~ hazy tones in Southwestern colors of topaz, teal, and burnt sienna (my absolute fave color of all time).

I'm very pleased to find my Gordon Ross Children's Munchausen lithograph part of her gorgeous Treasury ~ thanks, Lucy! xo


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