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Friday, April 23, 2010

Aren't these lovely? They're from a Victorian Business Guide. The "Victorian" part really comes as no surprise. But!  A business guide?

When I came across this book I was completely shocked when I opened it and found these! And the book is HUGE! Quite large and at least 400 pages. And all the pages are filled with long lists of Rules and Regulations governing all aspects of how one conducts business properly.

I'd've never made it in business back then, if writing such as this was a requirement for success.

The 'rules and regulations' part I did expect from the Victorians. They were great on rules and regulation. But goodness! This isn't writing! It's really quite an like art! 

My mother would have loved this. She took great pride in her penmanship and it really was a thing of beauty. I have little notes and letters in her hand still and some with small little flourishes. 

Nothing like the examples, though ~ and I can see her now practicing these until she had them perfected.

These would be absolutely perfect to copy for signature plates for quilts. 
For my smaller doll quilts they were really quite perfect in size and in design.

Or for card making. ... Oh, they'd be lovely to for fashionable business card art or as a signature. They're really quite perfect.

But ... I think I'll be better of scanning the artwork though. hahahaha And, if you saw *my* handwriting, you'd say that is really for the best!

Happy Friday, everyone! Practice your penmanship over the weekend ... there'll be a test next Tuesday!


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