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Monday, March 16, 2009

Awoke to one of my papers included in a beautiful Treasury! These particular papers are so lovely.  The book, however, was a classic lesson in why it is important to delay forming opinions when looking at book covers.

And if that wasn't already an old saying, I'd have to make it up. Right now. 

The book was one of my Church Book Sale finds from the last weekend. A very, very sad volume from 1894 & titled, 'Business Guide; or, Safe Methods of Business'.

It was that unassuming ... okay okay ~ boring ... title I believed saved this little gem for me, unopened & untouched.  Because the boards were gone, the frontpiece caught my eye.  I opened it ... and immediately learned a lesson in Basic Reasons Why It Is Important To Reserve Judgment Until All Facts Are Known.

Maybe I'll write my own Business Guide, 115 years later :) ... only with not such perfect handwriting. And whilst sitting with posture far more suspect. Okay ... I'll also not actually *write* the Guide but use a computer. ... and with spell check. Yes, definitely with spell check.

Here are a couple of other pages I will be listing later. Who knew that an MBA required 
a Caligraphy Degree as well?!

The Curator who kindly included my Business Guide caligraphy papers is the lovely Etsy shop, TheDrawingRoom.

I was already in love with everything in her art gallery shop, DearDodo, and so finding this shop just sealed the foreverness of my love. *This* is beautiful.  As is *this*.
Don't *even* get me started on DearDodo offerings! She has a light touch & a look to her goods, a feel to her palette that make you believe the piece has been a part of your life forever. Or wondering why it wasn't.  Love Love Love it.   Okay ... one more ~ I ADORE this bunny

What are you waiting for??! Go shopping!!


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