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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PetitPoulailler has been up & kicking some serious Etsy Vintage butt a little over a year now & is now rapidly approaching 1,000 sales (Wait! One Thousand??? *picks self up off floor* Woot! Woot!!) This is truly an amazing number to me!
Then I go to thinking about all the places I've shipped to (and Post Office runs I've made!) and ... wouldn't be cool to see a map of all those faraway places I've sent my schtuff?
Well, leave it to Flickr.com to have just the right tool!
There are a few map variations ~ I've made one for the US & one for the entire world. ... believe me, as soon as they have Martian Delivery Confirmation, I'll be loading in the shipping costs for them, too!

Where My Schtuff Now Lives!

I'll update it as the countries roll in but ...
... heeeeeeyyyyyyy!! There are only 3 states I haven't shipped to yet!! Delaware, North Dakota & Vermont. I'd really like to be able to fill in the entire map, ya know!? So this sounds like it's a perfect time for a Shipping Deal!! Be the first one to buy from PetitPoulailler with a Ship-To address in Delaware, North Dakota & Vermont (Yes! All three!!) and you'll have Free Shipping for a year! That's February 24, 2009 - February 23, 2010!! Mention you read it here in my blog & the shipping's on me!
To be honest ... deals are fun & I love doing stuff like this, but I have to say that, more than anything else, it's a very cool feeling knowing I've connected with so many people, if only through something as simple as a sale. My things are part of their lives now.
And that's just lovely.


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